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Rose Café as the name suggests, has a beautiful pink, white and green décor with some white lights, laced curtains, rugged-looking furniture and a small garden at the back. As soon as you enter this little café located in Mehrauli area of New Delhi, you get the feeling of coming to the Cinderella’s home. All that glitterati can easily woo a first time visitor. And this is what exactly happened to me as well when our Blogger’s Table visited this place on last Sunday for a brunch.

Ascribe it to my poor Google skills, I got mistaken by another restaurant by the similar name, so was running late by 30 minutes. And when I dropped in, my folks had already ordered some of the things from their menu;  a couple of portions of their signature white base pizzas, one with toppings of bacon, onion and other one with green apple, pomegranate, walnuts and potatoes along with a beverage of each one’s choice. I quickly glanced through the menu to pick my drink. It was their signature Mint Iced Tea, which I ordered. After waiting for another half an hour, when the pizzas hadn’t still arrived on the table, acting like a clever customer I picked up their menu to chose the next course of meal , to avoid any further delay.  My cleverness too had been killed by the boredom of waiting for the food to appear out of the kitchen, which I realized later when the main course got never delivered. I just couldn’t see that.

Finally after waiting for an hour, pizzas arrived and they tasted good, especially the one with bacon. I was liking the last bit of it, when a blogger friend at the other end  of table pointed out, that we were not served what was mentioned in the menu. It was supposed to be a white base of crème fraiche, which remotely tasted like one. We were not served which was promised, so what if it tasted good. Such kind of cheating on the customers strictly puts me off!!! And their audacity and shamelessness to cheat on someone whom they had called for a review ghastly amazed me, as if the laid back service wasn’t enough.

There was a sense of chaos in the café because of their sloppy service and laid back attitude of the waiters. Even after clearly pointing out by another friend that there was a hair in his water, the server didn’t bother to replace that or at least apologize. He rather tried to correct the gentleman by telling it to be a fragment of lime flesh. A stockpile of uncompleted orders and the rude and adamant behavior of the staff ruined the whole experience of the beautiful interiors. There was time, when the jacket potatoes ordered a while ago, reached the table along with the desserts. Even the desserts tasted like yuck. Macaroons were served straight out of the freezer and they had that eternal chewiness which never seemed to end, unless you spit them out. All the cakes were hard and cold enough to be dig in.

You wouldn’t wish to visit such place for a Sunday brunch, which probably is living in their own dreams, imagining they serve some good food, just by compiling some of the fancy items on the menu. Or rather forget about good food, they first need to be taught how not to be rude and discourteous to the guests.

Avoid, if you can.

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    I’m alright with hair in my food; human beings in the kitchen. What matters to me is the way that hair is handled by the establishment; human beings at the table too.


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