Panzanella Salad

panzanella salad rustic

After feasting onto a decadent and moorish chocolate babka, which I baked last weekend, I needed something very light and quick to do recipe. To be honest, I was literally craving for a bowl of salad. But I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in kitchen on Sunday too, after I had spent my Saturday morning baking those elaborate lovely loaves. …

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Chocolate Babka

chocolate babka

With all the rainfalls and the damp weather, I had been craving for something sweet, something baked, which would fill the entire house with it’s lovely aroma. And weekend was a perfect time to spend, baking this lovely piece of yeasted, lightly sweet, chocolate swirled, cinnamon flavored bread called chocolate babka or chocolate krantz cake. While I first saw this recipe in Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem, I just knew that I would give it a try someday. …

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Chinese Poached Chicken & Rice

chinese poached chicken & rice

For a change, it’s not a dessert this time. I generally write less about mains or even savory food for that matter. Although, I like savory rather spicy food, as greatly as I am fond of desserts. And I have many favorites, when it comes to food. In fact, there are few things which I probably don’t prefer to eat, but that too without any strong disliking. I believe, food is a great connection between people, their cultures and their values. …

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